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Hearing Aid Videos

Siemens Videos: 

Oticon Videos: 

How to Videos: 

1. Pairing hearing aids with Siemens easyTek

2. Adjust hearing aids with Siemens easyTek

3. Handle phone calls with Siemens easyTek

4. Stream audio with Siemens easyTek

5. Pairing Siemens easyTek with Android phone

6. Pairing Siemens easyTek with iOS phone

7. Pairing Siemens Transmitter with Siemens easyTek

8. Install the easyTek App for Android

9. Install the easyTek App for iOS

10. How to use the easyTek App

11.Install the touchControl App for Android

12. Install the touchControl App for iOS

14. How to use the touchControl App

15. easyPocket setup and service functions

16. Adjust hearing aids with easyPocket

17. miniTek remote app

18. Pair a miniTek with a cell phone